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The Home Poker Tournament Manager

Use this tool to host poker tournaments at home.

Myself and some friends always used the pokerroom home game organizer,  but that software is out-dated, made in Flash and only supports a 800x600 screen resolution.

However I've never found any other tool that was this easy to set up and gave such a good experience, so I decided to re-make it with Unity.

The interface for the setup is kept as simple as possible and the view of the tournament progress is an almost exact copy of the original, without the extra obsolete header. This gives a nice fullscreen view.

I've also added some background images to choose from and some color options to customize the view.

  • Blind levels can be completely customized
  • Calculates payouts
  • Custom sounds and background possible
  • Fast forward/backward time

Starting from version 1.1 there is also the Home Poker Tournament Player. Run this program in the same local network as the Manager and the player will duplicate the screen, making it possible to have multiple devices displaying the stats around the place where you host your tournaments.

Starting from version 1.1.4 the Player is also available on Android! This makes it possible for your players to download and install this app on their smart phones and track the stats of the game on their own. All you have to do is make sure they have access to your Manager via the same local network (in other words, they need to be on the same wifi).

If you have any comments or things you think I can improve, do let me know! I will be using this software myself, so if I find anything that can be improved I'll make it happen.


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And me again!  A suggestion, any chance there could be a winnings structure that changes depending on how much is in the pot?  I sometimes change the proportions if the pot gets bigger, e.g. changing from a 1/2 payout to 1/2/3 with 3 getting their initial stake back.  Is that something that others do?!  Could it be factored in?

You can always pause the game, change the payout settings and then resume again. But I don't think players would like to see this changed during the game though. The players that are behind, sure, but the ones on top will feel cheated.

Hello again - I'm having problems with the HPTP app on android. It connects to the running tournament, but then disconnects and returns to the tournament lobby after a few seconds.  Can't seem to get it to stay connected.  The game is still there in the lobby list and i can rejoin it, but again get kicked out after a few seconds.  Any ideas or troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks!

That's a though one :) Can you check what the game log says? You can find it in %AppData%\..\LocalLow\AvaDev\HPTM on your computer. Getting the log from your android device is more difficult.

Lovely program / app.  Any chance the app could be used to add rebuys / players?  Means I could "manage" the game from my phone without having to keep going back to the laptop!

I thought about that as well. Main thing is you don't want anyone else to change those things so how can I ensure that? I want a simple user friendly workflow, if that's possible somehow I can add it.

Could just have an admin pin (4 digit) that if entered unhid the entry buttons on client device? Pin could be set when setting up the game

Or you could just do whoever is the first to connect gets the buttons. Most likely that'd be the game admin. So it checks how many connected, if none then assign as admin and show the toggles. If one or more then don't show them. Perhaps? 

Simple tool. I like it. I do wish that I could customize the background color to match my room color on big screen TV. Also, being a novice tournament host, I was looking for a tool that would take the number of players, chips available, average duration desired and calculate starting chip stacks and recommend the proper blind structure. Many tools do this but I can't seem to find one that's intuitive and simple.

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Hi, thanks! Good suggestion about the color, that is indeed something for an update.

Concerning the tool about blinds calculation, I might add that one day, but it's not something easy. People have many different requirements and its hard to put that all in one tool. I use the blind structure calculator from pokersoup.com, it always predicted the duration of the tournament quite accurate.

Any plans of making the source code available? I really like what you've done. I'm a software developer and the only thing I would like to change is my group of friends and I don't play with antes so rather than having the blind/ante box, I'd change it to Small Blind/Big Blind in that box. This way the blinds could be bigger/more visible.

I'd rather not open source it, but I'm definitely open for requests/feedback. In my group we also never use ante's, so your request makes a lot of sense. I'll build an update where the ante is not shown if it is 0, displaying the blinds instead.

I'm also working on an app for Android where players can follow the tournament on their phones, this is now in testing so I'll probably release this change with that update.

Thanks for the input!

Version 1.1.3 has the option (per tournament) to hide the Ante's. Have fun!

any way to change the sounds?

Not now, but that's a good idea! The same could be done for the background images. I'll look into that, thanks!

Aand done, v1.0.2 supports custom sounds, check the devlog for instructions.

wow. thx for the amazingly fast action :)